Facts About Dogs They Don't Teach You In School

Dogs are man’s best friends. Would you like to learn more about your friend? Learning more about your dog will help you to understand them better so you can make sure that they are happy and healthy. Here are some dog facts they don’t teach you in school!

A Dog’s Nose Is their Fingerprint!

Did you know that every dog has unique patterns on its noses? Just like how no two snowflakes are the same, your dog’s nose pattern is truly unique. In fact, some apps utilize this fact to help reunite owners and their lost dogs! You can download the NOSEiD app, scan the pattern of your dog’s snout and upload it into the database. This will help you to reunite with your dog if they ever escape your yard!

Dogs Sweat through their Paws

Other than panting to keep themselves cool, dogs also have sweat glands on their paw pads that are not found anywhere else on their body. Don’t be surprised if your dog’s paws feel a little wet!

Whiskers as Guides

Do you know why dogs have whiskers? Dogs actually use their whiskers to navigate and orient themselves in tight and dark places. Their whiskers are filled with nerves that send sensory information to their brain.

Small Dogs Can Hear Sounds in Higher Ranges

A fact you might not know is that dogs’ ears are very sensitive and can hear higher frequency sounds two times beyond a human being’s range. This sensitivity is even higher in smaller dogs due to their small heads. If you find your dog yapping at nothing, it might be because they’re hearing something you can’t! Plus, the sound frequencies during storms can actually be loud and painful to our furry friends. If you see your dog being afraid or agitated during storms, try to calm them down by providing a safe place to hide, such as under the blankets or the closet.

Peeing Is a Sign of Dominance

Dogs urinate not just to dispose of waste, but in fact, their urine is used as markers that tell other dogs about their social standing, presence, and sexual availability. In addition, your dog lifts its leg while peeing to better spray the urine and let the scent travel better.

Dogs Dream

Did you know that dogs are able to dream as well? If you see your dog twitching, whining, or barking in its sleep, don’t be worried. It might be because they’re having a dream!

Dogs Can Have a Paw Preference

Similar to people, dogs can actually have a dominant paw that they prefer using. Unlike humans, you are likely to have a dominant right hand, dogs are actually equally likely to have a dominant left paw, a dominant right paw, or be ambilateral with no preference. Test it out with your dog today!

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