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Convenient, Sanitary Pet Waste Disposal

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Enjoy your yard again™

PawPail is the world's best pet waste disposal system for your home or pet-friendly business.

Did you know?

40% of dog owners don't consistently dispose of their dog's waste and, in the US alone, 4 million tons are not disposed of properly.

We’re on a mission to make the disposal of dog waste simpler. We've developed an easy-to-use pet waste management solution that is convenient, durable and sanitary. Our environmentally conscious system eliminates the need to constantly refill your current poo bag carrier, stores your dog's poo bags discreetly, and incorporates patented DualVent™ odor reduction technology.

Why PawPail?

Lets Air In But Keeps Pests Out

Our paw print vent holes are a cute and functional way to allow air to flow through the container. The mesh backing material prevents pests (and pets) from getting into your PawPail

PawPail has been a great product as advertised! We love it just as much a year later! Durable and no odor. Easy to discard on waste collection day!