Enjoy your yard again™

PawPail is the world's first environmentally conscious, commercial quality dog waste trash can for your home or pet-friendly business.


A beautiful design 
that is built to last

Our patented, award-winning design is as beautiful as it is functional.

  • Manufactured with UV and weather resistant materials to last for years
  • Attractive, minimalist design
  • It can rest on the ground or be mounted to almost any surface

The Award-Winning Pet Waste Management Solution

Reduces Pet Waste Odors

Don't trap foul odors! Our garbage bin (and then our entire garage) would stink because the container would trap the odor of the dog poo and intensify it.

Includes Premium Pet Waste Bags

Unlike regular bags that are difficult to open, PawPail brand bags are strong, printed and easy to open.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Owning the PawPail pet waste station makes keeping your yard clean easy, convenient and sanitary.

The PawPail pet waste station has been a great investment.

We have very little yard, and decided to designate the side of our house where all the mechanical equipment is located as a “doggy bathroom area” for our two dogs. We laid down artificial turf, and use artificial turf doggy deodorizer and a hose once a week to keep it clean and odor free.

The Paw Pail system adds to the cleanliness factor. It is convenient, well thought out and a terrific system for properly disposing of dog waste while not smelling up the side of the house and dog run.

We live in California, the weather is warm and sunny, and even with the heat, there is no smell, no flies, no problem! In all the years I’ve been a pet owner, I’ve never had a more convenient system available for cleaning up after my dogs.

I wish I had thought of this! I highly recommend buying the wall mount for added stability and easy one hand usage. The added height gained by wall mounting is very helpful as well. We no longer need the pooper scooper shown on the video.

The bags are large, easy to manage and make clean up a breeze! So happy that this particular part of dog ownership has been improved by a factor of a thousand!

Ms. Sturry - Amazon

A greener option

PawPail is a green product that minimizes its environmental impact in 3 ways:

  • An activated carbon air filter absorbs harmful odors from the dirty air inside the pail
  • DualVent technology eliminates the need for a liner garbage bag, reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfills
  • Large rolls of our PawBags minimize the packaging waste of small bag rolls