The Inspiration

We're dog lovers. We rescued our chihuahua-corgi mix Mookie and our chihuahua-dachshund mix Mars from The Humane Society. We love spending time with them and taking them on walks in our neighborhood.

The Problem

Years of walking our dogs highlighted several problems with the way we clean up after them.

1) The bags

  • We didn't have a discreet place to store their poo bags near our front door, the door we exit from to walk our dogs
  • We tried standard poo bag carriers but they were annoying - we were constantly refilling them because they only hold about 15-20 bags
  • Most dog poo bags weren't environmentally responsible and we didn't want to use larger bags as liners for an extra garbage can - it seemed wasteful
  • Most bags were difficult to open and didn't identify the end that opens from the end that doesn't open

2) Poo disposal

  • Our garbage bin (and then our entire garage) would stink because the container would trap the odor of the dog poo and intensify it
  • Sometimes we even needed to walk through the house with the bag of dog poo to get to our garbage - Yuck

We knew that if we had these problems, other dog owners did too.

The Solution

The solution to these problems is the PawPail pet waste station.