Fun Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained All Day

Looking for simple ways to keep your dogs entertained all day? For thousands of years, dogs have worked beside us, helping us with all sorts of tasks. Most dogs still retain the work ethic of their ancestors and have a keen desire to keep busy. Trouble is, most of our dogs no longer need to work! When dogs are idle all day, they may soon exhibit destructive behaviors. Have you noticed your dog chewing on your shoes, barking excessively, or digging and destroying the plants in your garden? None of these behaviors are malicious—your dog is just trying to get busy and useful! Keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated will make them happy and keep them out of trouble. Here are some ways to keep your dog entertained all day.

Play Nose Games

Hiding treats around your house is a fun way to keep your dog mentally stimulated. You can start small by having your dog sit in front of you. Without letting your dog see, hold a treat in one hand and curl both into fists, then place them in front of your dog so that he can guess which hand the treat is in. Once your dog has gotten the idea of the game, you can become more adventurous. Hide the treats in your yard or around your home. Just make sure that there is nothing unsafe lying around for your dog to accidentally pick up! It doesn’t have to be a treat either, you can play hide and seek with your dog’s toys as well.

Change Your Walking Route

It can get a little boring for your dog when you stick to the same route each day. Add some excitement into his routine by exploring new places. You might want to scout them out first to make sure they’re safe for your dog though! Letting your dog explore somewhere new helps keep him mentally engaged. However, remember not to commit the dog walking mistake of rushing him. Plan your time well and let your furry pal explore and sniff his surroundings—he will be kept stimulated by the new and interesting smells.

Give Your Dog Simple Tasks

Tap into your dog’s innate nature to keep busy by letting him help out with your chores. Dogs can pick up simple tasks like cleaning up their toys or adding sticks to a woodpile. This may take some practice but once your dog knows what to do, you’ll get to reap the benefits! Incorporating your dog into your daily routine doesn’t just give you a furry little helper, it builds your dog’s confidence and makes him feel useful and happy.

Arrange a Playdate

Why not let your dog have fun with a fellow furry friend? If your neighborhood has a dog park, you can bring him to mingle with other dogs and let him have some fun. Just make sure that your dog has been trained to play with other dogs, and that you’re always nearby just in case. If your family, friends, or a trusted neighbor has a friendly dog, you can also reach out to them to arrange a playdate! Having a couple of dogs over may get a little messy, but don’t worry, you can always depend on the PawPail Pet Waste Station to keep your place clean.

Keep Your Dog Happy!

These are just some ways to keep your dog happy and entertained. Some dogs may prefer some activities over others—be sure to explore and see what works for your furry pal!