PawPail Products Now Available at

The PawPail® pet waste station, an innovative pet waste management product for homes and pet-friendly businesses, is now available to purchase at

The PawPail pet waste station is a unique system that discreetly dispenses pet waste bags and then stores the pet waste while managing odors. PawPail's patented design controls odors in two ways: using an activated carbon air filter to trap harmful chemicals and patented DualVent™ technology to facilitate air flow through the container.

"Adding as a sales channel provides a major new pathway to reach pet-owning consumers," said Michael Harakal, PawPail's Founder & CEO. "We appreciate that the team at Walmart wants to introduce more environmentally conscious pet products like PawPail to its customers."

PawPail currently offers its products at,, and


About PawPail

Headquartered in Naples, FL, PawPail is a privately held company that strategically invests in and develops innovative, high-quality pet products. For more information, visit

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