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Magnetic Air Filter Holder

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Pet waste stinks! But thanks to the PawPail pet waste station, it doesn't have to!

  • Reusable liner Basket Eliminates The Need For Garbage Bags
  • Paw Print Vents Lets Air Flow Through The Container, Carrying Away Odors
  • Carbon Air Filter Traps Odors
  • Includes 200 Strong, Leakproof Pet Waste BagsAttractive Design and Durable Constrution For Outdoor Use
  • Optional Mounting System Lets You Hang Your PawPail Almost Anywhere

Need a replacement for your Magnetic Filter Holder? We've got your covered. 

This item includes 1 Magnetic Filter Holder (filter not included).

Don't forget to add a roll of bags or a filter to receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20.


A: You can purchase the magnetic filter holder from our website at Simply add the product to your cart, proceed to checkout, and complete your purchase.

A: A magnetic filter holder is a device that securely holds an air filter in place using strong magnets. This allows for quick and easy installation and replacement of air filters, without the need for tools or screws.

A: An air filter holder is used to hold an air filter in place within an HVAC system, ensuring that the filter captures dust, dirt, and other particulates from the air.

A: Traditional filter holders use screws or clips to secure the air filter in place, whereas a magnetic filter holder uses strong magnets. This makes the magnetic filter holder easier and quicker to install and replace.

A: Installation is simple and easy, requiring only a few steps. First, clean the surface where the holder will be installed. Then, place the holder against the surface and adjust the magnets to ensure a secure fit. Finally, place the air filter inside the holder.