PawPail specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality pet products that you can add to your home, office, or neighborhood. With PawPail's award-winning pet waste stations, cleaning up after your dog will never be a chore again!  

PawPail specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality pet products that you can add to your home, office, or neighborhood. With PawPail's award-winning pet waste stations, cleaning up after your dog will never be a chore again!  

About PawPail's Award-Winning Desig

PawPail is proud to be a winner of the Good Design® award—the oldest and most prestigious international awards program for design excellence. PawPail was the sole winner in the Pet Products category in 2019.

  • Stores Large Rolls of 200 Environmentally Responsible Bags

PawPail’s pet waste stations accommodate large rolls of 200 high-quality waste bags, so you'll never have to worry about running out of pet waste bags when they are most needed! Our pet waste bags come with an easy-to-open design, offering pet owners ease of use. Unlike the usual 15-bag rolls of portable bag dispensers, our bags last for weeks. The bags can be conveniently refilled–they fit nicely inside the lid of the PawPail container.

  • Patented DualVent™ Technology Controls Odors and Reduces Plastic Use

PawPail’s pet waste station controls odors naturally using an activated carbon air filter. Our DualVent™ technology facilitates airflow through the pail to minimize odors and eliminates the need for liner bags, allowing your carbon footprint to stay even lower! 

  • Durable Construction That Is Built to Last

PawPail’s award-winning product is created to be used for years to come. The PawPail container is manufactured with UV and weather-resistant materials, meaning it can be used outdoors with no worries of wear and tear. It can be simply placed on the ground, or you can secure it to a wall, fence, post, or railing with our Mounting System.

  • Paw Print Vent Holes Help Control Odors

Our paw print vent holes are a functional design to allow ventilation of the container so that no odor will be trapped. The mesh backing material prevents pests and pets from getting into your PawPail containers. Your pet waste station is thus kept clean and odor-free, making it more pleasant for you, your neighbors, and passersby.

  • Award-Winning Design Looks Attractive at Your Property


PawPail’s attractive, minimalist design is one of its kind and complements the architectural features of your home or business. Besides making your property look aesthetically pleasing, most importantly, they let your guests or visitors know that you care about their health and safety.

Choose PawPail's Award-Winning Products for a Clean and Appealing Environment

In the words of Michael Harakal, PawPail's Founder & CEO, the PawPail pet waste station is a beautiful marriage of design and functionality. Our design doesn’t conform to the look of a traditional pet waste station, yet it fulfills the needs of solving pet waste issues and minimizing environmental hazards efficiently, thanks to our innovative features of activated carbon air filters and the patented DualVent™ technology.

By choosing PawPail’s environmentally friendly pet waste stations, you are also helping to take better care of the Earth! So if you are looking to do right by yourself, family, friends, and most importantly, your pets, then choosing PawPail's products is what you should do!

If you love PawPail's products, you can buy them from our shop now! If you have any questions, just leave us a message in the online chat!