PawPail’s pet waste station controls odors by using an activated carbon air filter. The DualVent™ technology facilitates airflow through the pail to reduce odors and removes the need for liner bags. The PawPail container is made of UV and weather-resistant materials and can be used outdoors with no worries of wear and tear. It can be placed on the ground, or it can be secured to a fence, wall, or railing with the PawPail Mounting System.

PawPail: Maintenance Guides

  • General Instructions
    • This product should only be used on a surface that is level in an area that is well ventilated.
    • It should be kept away from extreme heat or fire to avoid damage.
    • It is comprised of small parts that should be kept away from children and pets.
    • In the event of adverse weather with strong winds, it should be disassembled and moved indoors.
  • How to Care for Your PawPail
    • To make the best use of this product, it will need to be emptied periodically, left open overnight so it can air out, and then hosed down.
    • Its vent holes, which can be found along the sides, should never be obstructed.
    • It can be cleaned with moderate detergent and water.

PawPail Mounting System: Maintenance Guides

  • How to Prevent Theft or Tampering
    • PawPail comes with lock-style pin holes within its mounting system that allows cable locks to be attached to stop theft or tampering.
    • To use it, you’ll simply want to pass the cable lock through 1 or both sides via its lock pin holes so you can secure the PawPail.

Choose PawPail’s Environmental- Friendly Products

While conscientious dog owners clean up after their pets in public areas, others don’t, either because they are busy, don’t have poop bags, or see no reason to do it. Not only does this make public areas look unsightly and increase the risk of others accidentally stepping on dog poop, but pet waste can also be a source of parasites and bacteria which can cause disease.

Two of the most common are salmonella and E. coli, but others can sicken both dogs and humans, not to mention tapeworms and ringworms. The bacteria and parasites can reside within the soil for months, even years. When you fail to collect your dog’s waste, you actually threaten other people and their pets, especially children. If the bacteria find their way into nearby water sources, they could become polluted, threatening aquatic animals and anyone that uses the water for swimming or fishing.

This is why PawPail was invented. A single unit can store up to two hundred dog waste bags and it will discreetly store waste and keep it away from others. It is easy to use and may be installed in strategic areas around the community where residents tend to walk or play with their pets. It is visually attractive and uses an air filter inside which utilizes activated carbon so that it can trap bad chemicals and odors. Best of all, it incorporates a proprietary technology called DualVent™ which manages the flow of air throughout the container so that the unpleasant smell is minimized along with the need to use liner bags, making it environmentally friendly.

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