This document is provided to familiarize you with the components and use of the PawPail Mounting System. Please read this guide in its entirety before starting assembly. To begin, you will need:

  • Drill with 5/64” (1.98mm) drill bit
  • Small Phillips-Head screwdriver
  • Pliers, locking pliers (ex. VISE-GRIP), adjustable wrench or a 5.5mm hex nut driver
  • Appropriate screws, bolts or bands to secure the Mounting Bracket to your desired surface




Remove the basket from inside your PawPail and lay your PawPail on the ground, with the back of the PawPail facing you.

Identify the 8 pre-formed pilot holes on the back of your PawPail. Carefully drill through the PawPail container at each of the pilot hole sites using a drill with 5/64” (1.98mm) drill bit.


Align the upper and lower mounting hardware with the pilot holes as shown and insert screws using the screw driver.


Next, flip your PawPail over, open it and secure the hex nuts to each screw location inside the container using either pliers, a wrench or an M3 (5.5mm) hex nut driver. It may be necessary to secure the screw head using the screw driver to prevent it from turning.



  • Select a stable surface in a well-ventilated area to affix the Mounting Bracket. The surface must be capable of supporting at least 25 lbs. of loading.
  • The Mounting Bracket can be secured with screws, bolts or bands/straps (not included).
  • The minimum screw/bolt length to be used is 3" although 4"+ is recommended.
  • The 2 Bolt Holes can accept bolts up to 21/64" diameter and washers up to M8 or 1/4". 1/4" diameter bolts and washers are sufficient for most applications.



  • The 4 Screw Holes can accept screws up to 3/16" diameter. #8 deck screws are sufficient for most applications.
  • The 2 Band/Strap Channels accept bands/straps up to 7/16" width. For most mounting applications, an 8" band/strap diameter is sufficient.

Ensure the fasteners that you select are long enough to provide adequate fixation to your chosen mounting surface.



Align the mounting hardware attached to your PawPail with the Mounting Bracket as shown and gently lower your PawPail onto both the lower mounting hardware and through the upper mounting hardware.

It may be necessary to slightly depress the quick release tab. To remove, depress the quick release tab while lifting your PawPail to disengage the Mounting System.




The Locking Pin Holes on your PawPail Mounting System allow for cable locks to be used to prevent tampering or theft.

Simply pass a cable lock through one or both sides of the locking pin holes to secure your PawPail to the Mounting Bracket.

We recommend the Master Lock 14" Cable Gun Lock 99KADSPT.



Product Name: PawPail Mounting System

Part Number: PP1030


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Naples, FL 34119