This document is provided to familiarize you with the components and use of your PawPail.



  • Use this product only in the manner intended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not use or store near fire or heat sources to avoid deformation, bending or cracking.
  • Keep small parts and plastic bags away from children and pets.
  • In cases of high winds or other extreme weather (ex. hurricane), empty and then detach/move the product inside.
  • Use only on a level surface or with the PawPail Mounting System (sold separately). Use in a well-ventilated space.



  • For maximum odor control:
    • Empty regularly
    • after emptying, leave pail open overnight to air out
  • hose down the from time to time and leave open to dry.
  • For the best venting performance, ensure that the vent holes on
  • the sides of your PawPail are not obstructed.
  • To reduce cost, reduce plastic in the environment and improve venting performance, do not use a liner garbage bag.
  • Clean as necessary using water and a mild detergent.




PawPail can be used with or without a liner garbage bag. To empty, simply unlock the latch, open the lid and then lift the basket out using the attached handles.

Dump any waste bags into your trash and then replace the basket, close the lid and secure the locking latch. A 13 gallon garbage bag is recommended if you intend to use a liner bag.



Your PawPail is provided with 1 roll of 200 PawBag pet waste bags and 1 Activated Carbon Air Filter pre-installed.


Replacement orders of bags and filters can be purchased individually or by subscription at Use only PawPail brand pet waste bags and air filters with your PawPail pet waste station.

To remove your pet waste bags for replacement, open the bag area lid, slide the bag roll to the left and then lift.


To install a new bag roll, align the bag roll with the PawPail symbol facing you then simply reverse the process by inserting the left side into the spring-loaded receptacle and then inserting the right side of the bag roll into the triangular receptacle on the opposite side. The bag roll should snap into place.

To replace the Activated Carbon Air Filter, remove the filter basket from the underside of the lid. The basket is held in place using a magnet and no tools are necessary to remove it or replace it.

Remove the used filter from the basket and dispose of properly.

Replace with a new PawPail Activated Carbon Air Filter by securing the filter inside the basket, around the magnetic strip in the center.

PawPail’s filter capacity is designed to absorb approximately the amount odors and chemicals expected from one roll of bags.

Discounted bag + filter combination packages are available online at



PawPail is designed to store potentially harmful organic waste. We can only accept new, UNUSED product as a return for the health and safety of our employees and business partners.

For more information please consult our Return/Refund Policy at



Limited warranty to the original purchaser that the product is free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase. The manufacturer is not responsible for injury or damage caused by improper use or excessive loading.

Product Name: PawPail Pet Waste Station

Part Number: PP1000



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