PawPail’s pet waste station offers a safe and environmentally friendly way to get rid of your pet's waste, without it damaging the grass in your yard or getting carried away by rainwater. If dog poop is left on the streets or in the parks, it has the potential to pollute our rivers and seas. It also poses a health hazard to humans and animals caused by harmful bacteria and parasites found in it. Toxocariasis, which is triggered by roundworms of a dog or a cat, can lead to blindness if not treated immediately.

PawPail’s pet waste disposal station solution solves all these issues without you having to lift a finger! 

About PawPail's Pet Waste Disposal Station Solution 

  • The Ultimate Dog Poop Station

PawPail’s pet waste disposal station is an all-in-one, practical solution to get rid of pet waste safely. Our pet waste station comes with an activated carbon air filter, ensuring bad odors are not released into the environment. In addition, ventilation is ensured with paw print vent holes at the side of the station, eliminating the need for a liner bag and controlling odors at the same time.

  • Durable and Built to Last

We have created the ideal solution to pet waste disposal for all kinds of homes and commercial buildings. PawPail’s pet waste stations are manufactured with UV and weather-resistant materials – they last for years with no worries of wear and tear. Our controlled-life PawBag waste bags are discreetly stored in the lid. They are simple to install, dispense, and replace with our patent-pending PawBag interface. 

  • Versatile and Can Be Used Anywhere Outdoors

PawPail’s pet waste stations can sit on the ground or and can be located in any outdoor area. They can be mounted virtually anywhere with good ventilation—in front of your home or business, on a grassy patch near a hiking trail, in an apartment complex's parking lot, or in any other area that people and their pets commonly use.

Our Mounting System (sold separately) features a quick-release mechanism for easy removal, cleaning, and reassembly. There are locking pin holes to prevent tampering or theft of the pet waste stations. You can secure the stations in many ways, such as using screws, adhesive, or bands—it is that versatile.

  • Subscription Service for Your Convenience

PawPail also offers a subscription service, so you never have to worry about running out of bags to keep your yard clean and you can be free from dog poop all year. Subscribe on our website to save on subscription refills. Orders are shipped at the first delivery and then on a schedule you choose. You can change your delivery dates at any time.

Keep Your Environment Clean and Odor-Free with PawPail’s Products

PawPail's pet waste disposal station solution works 24/7 to eliminate odors and keep it smelling fresh and clean. There is no need for expensive systems or ventilation fans, and no need for complicated installation! Our solution works right out of the box. 

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