PawPail is a pet waste management system that can be used by the entire family. It consists of a durable PawPail dog waste container,  200 thick, high quality PawBag pet waste bags, and an activated carbon air filter for the elimination of odor.

Paw Pail: Product Instructions

  • General Instructions
  • This product should not be stored or used near heaters and fires, otherwise, it can bend, crack or deform.
  • It has miniature parts which should be kept away from pets and children.
  • In the event of adverse weather with strong winds, it should be disassembled and moved indoors.
  • It should be emptied regularly and hosed down, and its vent holes should never be obstructed.
  • The best way to clean it is with water and detergent which is mild.
  • How to Empty Pet Waste
    • PawPail can be used with liner style garbage bags or without them.
    • When emptying it, you’ll want to unlock its hatch, open its lid and then pull the basket up using its attached handles. Next, dump the waste bags into the trash and then put the basket back, reclose the lid and then lock the hatch.
    • For those that intend to use garbage bags, 13 gallons is the recommended size.
  • How to Replace Bags and Filters
    • To replace the pet waste bags, you’ll want to open the lid for its bag area, slide the bag roll leftward and lift it out.
    • To install a fresh bag roll, you’ll want to align the roll with the PawPail symbol facing you and insert its left side within the receptacle that is spring-loaded.
    • Next, insert the bag roll’s right side within the triangular-shaped receptacle on its opposite side. You should hear the bag roll snap into position. When replacing the activated carbon air filter, you’ll want to simply remove the filter basket from the lid’s underside, which is held in position with a magnet.

PawPail Mounting System: Product Instructions

  • General Instructions
    • To install the PawPail mounting system, you’ll need a drill with a 1.98 mm drill bit, locking pliers, adjustable wrench, pliers or hex nut 5.5 mm driver, and bands, screws, or bolts which can lock it in place. To assemble, remove the internal basket and lay the PawPail down with its back facing you. Find the eight pilot holes which are pre-formed. They should be in the back.
    • Next, drill carefully through your PawPail container within each pilot hole using the 1.98 drill bit. Afterward, align your lower and upper mounting hardware and then insert the screws. Finally, flip the PawPail over, then open and secure your hex nuts into every screw area within the container utilizing pliers or your wrench.
  • How to Affix Mounting Brackets
    • Choose a surface that is stable in an area that is well ventilated for affixing your mounting bracket. This surface should be capable of supporting a minimum of 25 pounds. Next, secure the mounting bracket with bolts, bands, or screws.
    • Align the mounting hardware of your PawPail with the bracket and slide your PawPail onto both the lower mounting hardware and through the upper mounting hardware. You may need to depress the quick release tab.
    • Press the quick release tab again to lift your PawPail out of the mounting system.

Why Choose PawPail’s Products?

PawPail is the very first pet waste management system that is eco-friendly and commercial grade. It is weather-resistant, visually attractive, traps chemicals and odors, and is discreet.

If you love PawPail’s products, you can buy them from our shop now! If you have any questions, just leave us a message in the online chat!