Are you looking for pet waste stations for your pets, dogs and cats included? You have come to the right place! PawPail’s pet waste disposal station solutions are not only suitable for dog poop; they are ideal for cat litter too.

Cat owners typically use a tray or a box to collect the cat litter. However, there are distinct disadvantages to using a litter tray—its open design allows the odor to escape into the surroundings and it is easy for the contents to spill out of the tray. Owners need to clean up the mess as well.

To prevent odors from stinking up the house or cat litter from becoming a nuisance in the house, cat litter trays are sometimes placed in an open or airy area, but the odor issue is still not solved. Furthermore, litter boxes do not offer the same ventilation as open litter trays.

To avoid these issues, PawPail highly recommends cat owners use our pet waste station to safely and hygienically dispose of cat litter. It is as simple as scooping up the cat litter, wrapping it up with our easy-to-open PawBag pet waste bag, opening the lid of our PawPail pet waste station, and dropping the bag into the basket to lock away litter and odors.

Why PawPail's Products Are Suitable For Dogs and Cats

Every PawPail pet waste station contains everything you need to dispose of your pet waste in just minutes, no matter for dog poop or cat litter!

  • Controls Odors

PwPail’s pet waste stations control odor in two ways:  activated carbon air filters trap harmful odors and chemicals and the DualVent™ technology enables air to flow through the pail to lessen odors and remove the need for liner bags.

  • Simple to Use

PawPail is an effective disposal solution for dog poop and cat litter. All you need to do is to grab a PawBag from the integrated bag dispenser, wrap up the pet waste, and drop it into the basket. The only thing you need to do next is to empty the basket when it is full. The station holds up to 2 weeks of pet waste, so you have more time playing with your dogs or cats and less time making trash trips.

  • All-In-One Solution

PawPail’s pet waste disposal station is a one-stop pet waste management system for the whole family. You will never run out of bags as our 200-roll PawBag waste bags can be discreetly stored in the lid. The bags are also simple to install and replace with our patent-pending PawBag interface.

Choose PawPail's Products for Your Dogs and Cats

When it comes to pet waste disposal for your dogs and cats, you want a solution that offers speed, convenience, and ease of use. With our product line, we provide all three. Our high-quality products come with designs that make them easy to install and simple to use. Our products are environmentally friendly as well, with our oxo-biodegradable waste bags and activated carbon air filters that remove harmful VOCs.

If you love PawPail's products, you can buy them from our shop now! If you have any questions, just leave us a message in the online chat!