PawPail is the ultimate pet waste management solution. We are the world's first environmentally-friendly, commercial-quality dog waste trash can for your home or pet-friendly business. Our pet waste management system consists of 1 PawPail dog waste container, 200 thick and high-quality PawBag pet waste bags, and 1 activated carbon air filter.

Pet waste stations are an integral part of any pet lover's home or property, as they are indispensable tools for solving pet waste issues and minimizing environmental hazards. PawPail’s innovative and environmentally friendly pet waste management solution makes the process of cleaning up after your pets stress-free and hassle-free, making life convenient and easier for all pet-lovers alike.

Award-Winning Design

PawPail’s pet waste station is a winner of the Good Design® award. Good Design is the oldest and most prestigious awards program in the world for design excellence. PawPail is proud to be the sole winner in the Pet Products category in 2019.

Pet Waste Disposal Station Solution

PawPail’s pet waste station is a total, all-in-one pet waste disposal station solution. It boasts a one-of-a-kind system that dispenses oxo-biodegradable pet waste bags and stores the pet waste in an environmentally conscious way while managing odors. 

Patented Odor Control Design

PawPail's patented design controls odors with two innovative features: an activated carbon air filter to trap harmful chemicals and patented DualVent™ technology to enable airflow through the container. There will be no more smelly odor in and around your pet waste station.

Suitable For Dogs and Cats

Our pet waste stations are designed not just for dogs—they work perfectly for your cats too. They are the cat litter disposal system you have been looking for! A pet waste station for dogs and cats can keep homes and neighborhoods pleasant and waste-free, and prevent the spread of diseases.

Environmental Friendly

Most pet owners use plastic bags as waste bags, but PawPail’s PawBag pet waste bags are a better, environmentally-friendly option. Our waste bags contain environmental additives that can break the bags down faster than ordinary plastic bags in the presence of oxygen. 

Keep Your Homes and Neighborhoods Clean with PawPail's Products

Pet waste stations from PawPail are a great way to keep your homes and neighborhoods clean and make them appealing as well. Our attractive, minimalist design is a good complement to the architectural features of your home or business. The stations can be placed or mounted virtually anywhere, be it walls, railings, posts, or fences. It also features a quick-release function enabling easy removal, cleaning, and reassembly. By investing in our pet waste management system, you are improving the hygiene level and aesthetic appeal of your homes and neighborhoods for everyone, your pets included!

PawPail is dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality products. Our customers have given us 5-star reviews after buying and trying our products—their satisfaction with PawPail’s products is the best guarantee you can get.

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