Prime day paw pail deals

5 PawPail Prime Day Deals You Won’t Want to Miss

Get ready for Prime Day with PawPail’s top 5 deals on pet waste solutions! Save on the PawPail Pet Waste Station, Mounting Bracket, PawBag XL, Activated Carbon Air Filter, and a PawBag/Air Filter Combo.

Prime Day is almost here, and PawPail is excited to unleash some incredible deals on our innovative pet waste management solutions! Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or a new puppy parent, PawPail has everything you need to make scooping waste convenient, sanitary, and odor-free. In this blog post, we'll count down the top 5 PawPail Prime Day deals that will make walks and playtime even more enjoyable. 

1. PawPail Pet Waste Station

Say goodbye to fumbling with loose bags and dealing with pet waste smells in your yard! The PawPail Pet Waste Station is the ultimate clean-up companion, featuring a user-friendly design with a built-in compartment for easy access to PawPail PawBags. This durable, sanitary, and stylish dog poop bin keeps everything you need within arm's reach, making waste disposal a breeze. 

Prime Day Deal Alert! During Prime Day, snag the PawPail Pet Waste Station for only $129.99, a whopping $50.00 savings off the regular price of $179.99! 

2. PawPail Mounting Bracket

Looking for a space-saving and convenient way to install your PawPail Pet Waste Station? Look no further than the PawPail Mounting Bracket. This versatile bracket allows for wall-mounted installation, perfect for apartments, smaller outdoor areas, or keeping the station out of reach of curious pets. Whether you prefer it mounted by the back door for easy access or tucked away discreetly on the side of your house, the PawPail Mounting Bracket offers the ultimate in customization. 

Prime Day Bonus! Score the PawPail Mounting Bracket for just $34.99 during Prime Day, a sweet $5.00 discount off the regular price of $39.99! 

3. PawBag XL Pet Waste Bags

Never get caught short on walks with the PawPail PawBag XL refill pack. These durable and leak-proof bags are sized specifically for PawPail stations and feature a convenient tie-handle design for easy disposal. With a stock of PawPail PawBag XL bags on hand, you can ensure mess-free walks and a clean environment for yourself and your furry friend. 

Prime Day Pawsome Savings! During Prime Day, you can grab a refill pack of PawPail PawBag XL pet waste bags for only $17.99, saving $2.00 off the regular price of $19.99! 

4. Custom-Fit Activated Carbon Air Filter

Keep your PawPail Pet Waste Station performing at its best with a custom-fit Activated Carbon Air Filter. This essential replacement filter effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors, ensuring your yard or neighborhood stays fresh and odor-free. By replacing your air filter regularly, you can ensure your PawPail Pet Waste Station continues to provide superior odor control.

Prime Day Air Filter Deal! Breathe easy with this Prime Day offer. Replace your PawPail Pet Waste Station Air Filter for only $14.99, a cost-saving discount of $3.00 off the regular price of $17.99!

5. Ultimate Prime Day Savings with the PawBag/Air Filter Combo

Looking for the ultimate Prime Day deal to make pet waste disposal a breeze? Don't miss the PawPail PawBag and Waste Bags Combo! This bundle includes a replacement carbon air filter and a refill pack of PawPail PawBag XL waste bags, offering everything you need for convenient and sanitary pet waste disposal at a fantastic price.

Prime Day Price Drop! This Prime Day, get the PawPail PawBag and Waste Bags Combo for just $27.99, an incredible saving of $9.99 off the regular price of $37.98! 

Don't Miss Out on These Pawsome Deals!

These incredible PawPail Prime Day deals won't last forever! Visit our website today to learn more about our innovative pet waste management solutions and take advantage of these limited-time savings. 

At PawPail, we understand the importance of making pet care as easy and stress-free as possible, which is why we're paw-sionate about creating the best dog poop stations. By using a convenient and durable solution like PawPail, you can make walks and playtime more enjoyable. Our innovative design lets you enjoy the outdoors with quick, mess-free pet waste disposal, keeping your focus on creating a cleaner environment for both you and your pet. Explore our selection of dog poop stations today and find the perfect fit for your needs! 

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