Benefits Of Using Pet Waste Bags

Finding it a hassle to constantly be cleaning up after your dog? Trying to figure how to keep your tidy yard clean and waste-free? You are not alone in this, as many dog owners are fed up with seeing their dogs' feces strewn all over the backyard. Furthermore, when dog waste is piled up, it provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and parasites and stinks up the entire place. Thankfully, this problem can be solved by using pet waste bags, an efficient and hassle-free means of waste disposal. Here are some of the best reasons why every dog owner should invest in pet waste bags.

Keeps the Yard Clean 

Dogs are active, lively, and make for excellent family companions, but they produce tons of poop. No one wants to come home to stinky poop all over their neatly manicured lawn or beautiful yard. Obviously, letting your dog poop on your neighbor’s yard or the sidewalk is a terrible idea. With pet waste bags or even a handy , you’ll never have to worry about messing up your yard again. 

They Are Cost-Effective 

You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with pet waste bags that are cost-effective and long-lasting. Rather than spending money on a shovel or bulky tools for waste management, pet waste bags are light, portable, and easy to store. Each one of PawPail’s Pawbag rolls comes with 200 bags, a good supply that can last up to three months for most dog owners.

The ease of usage is one of the reasons why many dog owners are turning to dog waste bags. You neither have to possess any specific skillsets to use them nor do you need to seek professional advice or installation beforehand. Unlike using a shovel or other equipment, which does not allow you to pick up all of your dog's waste at once, these bags allow you to simply pick up all of the waste without leaving anything behind. PawPail’s pet waste bags have an easy-to-open design and can be easily installed, removed, and replaced with our unique patent-pending interface. 

They Are Environmentally Friendly 

Unlike plastic bags that pose significant long-term environmental concerns, pet waste bags are biodegradable, breaking down into the soil after several days and becoming fertilizer for plants. There are no environmental hazards or risks involved with pet waste bags. Not only are PawPail’s pet waste bags biodegradable, they even contain additional environmental additives that stimulate the decomposition process in the presence of oxygen. When used with the PawPail pet waste disposal system and activated carbon air filter that absorbs harmful VOCs and odors, the environmental impact of pet waste is further minimized. 

Make Pet Waste Disposal Hassle-Free with PawPail 

PawPail’s pet waste management solution is ideal for all dog owners out there. Our PawPail pet waste station is the world’s first commercial quality and environmentally friendly trash can designed for the disposal of dog poop. If you are interested to find out more about our pet waste bags, contact us or look through our product range.