How To Properly Dispose Of Pet Waste

Statistics show that around 38 percent of American households own a dog. Dogs are lovable, cute, and provide health benefits like lowered blood pressure and reduced stress. It is easy to keep fit and get your steps in while going on daily walks with your dog. However, this also brings about a genuine environmental concern – dog poop. According to studies, nearly 40% of dog owners do not pick up after their pets. Dog poop can take years to fully break down, and carry harmful disease-transmitting bacteria and parasites, becoming a source of environmental pollution. How can we prevent this? Here’s how to properly dispose of pet waste.

Bring Pet Waste Bags on Walks

Packing pet waste bags with you on walks is now easier than ever. You can even purchase dispensers that clip right into your dog's leash, making them impossible to forget. Use the bags to clean up pet waste before disposing of it properly in the garbage or a pet waste station to keep your shoes and the streets clean and pleasant-smelling. Proper waste disposal also aids in the protection of water bodies. Pollutants and bacteria are washed by rainwater from stormwater drains to rivers, streams, and lakes, resulting in disease transmission to both humans and animals. Wouldn't you rather your pet's feces end up in the trash rather than in a waterway? Your pet’s waste should end up in the garbage, and not the waterway. Instead of using plastic pet waste bags, plant-based biodegradable bags are a better, more sustainable option. PawPail’s PawBag pet waste bags, for instance, are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and the perfect solution for every dog owner. 

Always Pick Up Your Pet’s Poop

There are obvious reasons as to why cleaning up after your pet if it has pooped in your neighbor’s yard or the public sidewalk is a given. It is a straightforward yet civic-minded measure that keeps others from walking, jogging, or biking through pet waste. It also helps you maintain good relations with the neighbors, whom you will most likely see daily. However, aside from being an act of common courtesy for others, it is also important to dispose of pet waste in your own yard. Regardless of whether they are left on public or private property, dog poop can pose harmful health and environmental risks.

Use a Pet Waste Station

Walking your dog in parks or public spaces that are equipped with pet waste stations makes waste disposal so much easier. Alternatively, invest in your own pet waste station for your backyard. PawPail’s pet waste station is the world’s first eco-friendly and commercial quality trash can specially designed for the seamless and odor-free disposal of dog poop. Suitable for dog owners and pet-friendly businesses, this durable waste management solution is ideal for outdoor use and can be placed or mounted virtually anywhere. It also utilizes a DualVent™ technology that facilitates airflow, traps harmful odors, and eliminates the need for liner bags.

Proper Pet Waste Disposal with PawPail 

With PawPail, you no longer have to struggle with disposing of pet waste. Our innovative and environmentally friendly pet waste management solution makes the entire process convenient, clean, and hassle-free. Feel free to look through our product range or contact us to find out more.