How To Create A Pet Waste Management System In Your Community

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A growing number of Americans are purchasing pets, with a large percentage being dogs. This has increased the necessity for adequate pet waste management systems, and below are some tips for creating them.

Establish the Waste Management Team

Managing animal waste is not an exciting activity, so depending on where you live it will be difficult to find people who are willing to do it. However, offering various incentives is a great way to give people the motivation to get started, but it is important to choose individuals who are responsible and conscientious. Members of the community can also donate funds to hire professional waste management teams.

Schedule Area Cleanings Regularly

Area cleaning consists of traversing the community grounds and collecting pet waste so it can be properly disposed of. This process should be done at least once a month, but some communities prefer doing it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. As you become accustomed to doing it you’ll notice that there are certain “hot spots” where pet waste accumulates more rapidly than in other areas, and you’ll want to pay close attention to them so the waste doesn’t spread.

Setup Animal Waste Stations

Wayward animal waste is usually circumstantial instead of the result of bad intentions. For instance, many dog owners will forget to carry a waste bag or will run out of them during outings with their dogs. Animal waste stations have become popular because they organize the cleanup process. They also encourage animal owners to clean up after them since the waste is easier to dispose of. It will also send a message to the community that you’re serious about keeping the area clean, and it is a subtle way to encourage everyone to comply. Animal waste stations come in three forms, which are premium, dispenser, and economy:

  • Premium: These are the best animal waste stations that money can buy. They are visually attractive, exceptionally durable, and are preferred by upscale communities that want something sleek which is tamper-resistant and does not emit odor.
  • Dispenser: These stations consist of bag dispensers that are mounted on poles with an accompanying sign. While they are limited when it comes to effectiveness, they are better than nothing.
  • Economy: This waste station is better than the dispenser models but inferior to the premium ones. They are moderately priced, well rounded, and usually come with waste receptacles and bag dispensers.

After choosing the animal waste station which is most suitable for your needs, you’ll need to decide where to install it. Ideally, it should be situated in a high-traffic place where dog walkers will have easy access, but you’ll want to avoid putting it in a spot that is within a property owner’s sight line or near community playgrounds. Finally, members of the community should be educated on basic waste management techniques and the location of the waste stations so they can contribute when needed.

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