Should You Get A Second Dog?

Those who’ve purchased their first dog and learned how to care for it may have the confidence to get a second dog, but there are a number of things you’ll want to keep in mind before doing so, which are highlighted below.

It Can Become a Friend of Your Current Dog

Depending on the breed you currently have, it may have a special need for companionship that you may not always be able to fill due to work or academic demands. Purchasing a second dog will give it a companion to play with when you’re not around, and when you are the three of you can bond. However, when selecting a mate it is best to choose one of the opposite gender since aggression can be an issue with two male or female dogs.

You Can Avoid Destructive Behavior

Canines sometimes manifest a phenomenon known as separation anxiety. This is when the dog becomes destructive to property when its owner isn’t present for a certain period of time. Purchasing a second dog can alleviate it, but depending on the breed you might end up with two destructive pets so training is also important.

You Should Assist With Socialization

Socialization can be a challenge for some dog owners since canines that are non-socialized might become a headache. Correct socialization is a process that takes time and it is not something that can be forced. Introducing a second dog streamlines the socialization process when a proper introduction is made. Furthermore, dogs that are already quite social thrive from additional interaction.

Adult Dogs Can Help You Raise Puppies

Your second dog doesn’t need to be an adult. In fact, those that already own an adult canine might want to consider adopting a puppy since it will benefit from the presence of the older dog and will learn from it during your absence. It will do this by training the pup and keeping it from misbehaving while setting a good example. It is much easier for a dog to train another dog, even if they are different breeds.

You Can Have a Second Guardian

Those that are employed in fields where they need to use dogs as a source of protection, either for themselves or property such as livestock will benefit from a second dog. It will double your defensive capability and should one dog find itself battling a threatening person or animal it will receive the assistance of the other.

Best Option in Situations where Other Animals Won’t Work

There are some breeds such as hounds that just don’t work well with non-canines. If you happen to own one, getting a second dog is a much wiser option since they are more likely to get along. It is easy to forget that dogs evolved from predators and that their instinct to hunt may activate in the presence of animals that are smaller and incapable of defending themselves.

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