PawPail to Exhibit at 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando


Naples, FL – PawPail is pleased to announce that it will exhibit its patent-pending PawPail® Pet Waste Station at the 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando.


PawPail is a durable, commercial-quality pet waste station that can be used by homeowners, renters, HOAs and pet-friendly businesses to conveniently manage pet waste in a sanitary and environmentally conscious way while controlling odors.  The system is portable and can be used anywhere it is too unsightly, inconvenient or expensive to use a trash can or install a traditional commercial pet waste station.

“We look forward to our first major trade show with the product,” said Michael J. Harakal, Founder & CEO of PawPail, “and we encourage all buyers to visit our booth."

The PawPail pet waste station will be featured in the New Products Showcase at location Dog (D160) and on the exhibit floor in the What's New section at Booth #6353.

About PawPail

Headquartered in Naples, FL, PawPail is a privately held company that strategically invests in and develops innovative, high-quality pet products. PawPail manufactures the PawPail pet waste station and related accessories.




844-PAWPAIL (729-7245)


Social: @PawPail

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